Currently I have published and printed books at 3 bookstores where you can purchase and have my books printed and shipped to your door. I have been pubishing books and articles since the beginning og my internet days, and over the years I have left some publishers, and found new ones. I am not a big fan of Amazon, and although I have had a book on their site, it was not a pleasant experience, so I don't currently bother.  Below You can find the three boolstores I currently sell in.

The Book Patch 

I really like this platform. I have been with them a relativly short time, but they are currently my favorite.

Here is the newest published book, a 2022 planner calendar.

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2022 Weekly Plan ...

Cathangela Hobbs


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Cathangela Hobbs


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I have been with LULU a long time, but as recent as 2 years ago, they really disappointed me, when they credited one of my books to another author on Amazon. It was a nightmare trying to get this fixed, but I finally got paid what was due me, but unfortunately the book is still on Amazon and credited to the other author. I still use them, but will never let them syndicate any of my books again. I have not recently used them as much as I intend to use Book Patch above. 

They also don't have all my books showing on my author pages, go figure... anyway,

You can find me on LULU HERE 

Last but not least, I have at least one book on Barnes and Noble! I do intend to add more, and will update when I do, but this year has been one source of time consuming adventure after another, that is the positive way to look at it ;)