9 reasons why printable planners are so awesome!


Planners are a great way to save money, be creative, and jot down your ideas. 

They have become a way of life, especially since the pandemic started 2 years ago.

Here are some of the very things planners can do for your lifestyle, in no particular order.

1. A very inexpensive purchase…depending on it's size and content they generally cost between $10 – $40, for a dated or undated printable planner which means you can use it forever! This means also, it saves money in the long run. Buy it once and reprint it unlimited times. 

2. Saves time and agravation! Shopping for a physical planner can be frustrating, and confusing. With printables, you don’t need to wait for it to arrive in the mail. There are hundreds of planners available today, your choices are endless, and shopping from your computer is so much more appealing in todays world.

3. Much faster than going to the store. If you need more pages, checklists, etc, just print some more. No  paying for shipping and the waiting, oh my!!. You can just print more on your home printer whenever you need them.

4. You have so many colors and designs to choose from. Whether you make your own printables or buy a printable from a online vendor, you can customise your planner with many different add on's as you like for a personalised effect. Put them in a binder or create junk journals with some of the interiors.

5. Size the planner by resizing the setting on your printer, some printable planners come in several sizes already, but it is easy to resize if they are not. If there’s a planner you like that only comes in letter size and you want A4, or it comes in A5 but you want a different size, you can resize any printable. Following is a tutorial to help you.

6. You have more options and variety for a planners in the digital world. To have a planner  manufactured costs a lot of money and many manufacturers have a minimum print run, which means you can not just print one. If you are making your own planners for sale tho, you can go the POD route. I will add a list of POD book publishers in another article.

7. If you are making you own printables you have freedom to create whatever designs you want.
You can easily adjust your designs as many times as you like until you’re happy with the design and layout. The only cost in making printables is software and time, and you can create printables in an endless number of designs, layouts and filters. I personally use Photoshop Elements, and PowerPoint interchangeabley.

8. If you are creating your own and having it printed for you, you can choose the binding, either coil or paperback. If you are printing them out, you can put them in a physical binder and add, remove and rearrange pages as you wish. There are even book covers and other designs you can print out and slap on your binder for a unique cover. Either way, there are numerous websites that will print, bind and ship it to you. My favorite at the moment is My Book Patch

9. And last but not least, making them is a great fun way to aleviate stress, and is even a great pastime to do with family and friends. Why not help your kids create fun printables they can jot notes down in, or even color. The possibilties are endless.

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