The Vegetable Garden Journal Planner Plus MRR Gift

Just in time for Fall!

 The Vegetable Garden Journal Planner (above)

More than 200 printable pages for small business in 8.5 x 11 PDF form.
Use the pages over and over, mix them up, add your own flair, and create hybrid junk journals to sell

Next up, you will be making some delicious and healthy meals from all those garden veggies, you will want a planner for your meals and a journal to write and keep all those awesome recipes you create with your freshly grown garden.

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As already mentioned in previous newsletters, and blog posts, I am sorting through numerous stacks of valuable information, books, and software, some of which you are seeing added to the store(s) for resale etc, and some you are getting as gifts, either through membership, newsletter subscription, facebook groups, or simply by reading the website blogs.

Some of the things I have decided to hold in priority as I sort through this massive library, is our current global state, one thing in mind is food, shopping, cooking and eating during these stressful and unsure times. I was a bit lucky in a sense more than some, as I was raised with much older parents than the norm, in a time when the world was still reeling from the 2nd world war in Britain, through Viet Nam and on to our current days. My mother was from the old country and my dad was an Italian British Seaman for the British Merchant Marines. Even tho I balked then, I grew up watching and eating cooking from scratch, and lots of beans, legumes and fresh fruits and veggies mom used to grow in the gardens.

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Source: Vegetarian Advantages MRR Gift – Color My Agenda