Become known as an influencer?


The new forum is in beta and open for members. I am seeking both people who have certain talents and experience they would like to share and teach to others, as well as those who want to learn, discuss topics, and simply be part of a great support community. Contributions, courses, and discussions can be anything from crafting, such as sewing, crochet,  art, graphics, web design or programming, and numerous other skills, including gardening, cooking, home hobbies into business, and starting online or brick and mortar businesses. The purpose here is to help people with everyday lifestyles and the pursuit of making extra income from their own hobbies and talents.

Discussions on each subject will open up a question and answer forum for each, as well as a platform for tutorials, and ecourses taught directly to members.

This is good for, and a benefit to people who would like to gain some reputation as an influencer, writer, teacher, and can help open you up to greater possibilities in your own lives as you help others to grow and succeed in their lives. 

This website has features that make it highly accessible to search engines, as well as a plethora of share features to many of the well known social feeds.

Anyone interested in joining and adding your talents and expertise, or ideas and  suggestions to this project are welcome to do so.  Simply join and verify your email at your own inbox, and then log in and follow the directions you will find in your welcome email on the website. After following the instructions in your new forum inbox, you will have opened up hidden forums and features, and also find free active member downloads not available to non activated members.

I have a set of activation rules to follow to fully activate your account, as you will not see there are hidden forums and features if the 2 step process is not completed. This is to manage and keep out any malicious intentions from people who have other ideas in mind, and for the safety of you and the community.

Although this forum will always be free to everyone, there will be a paid subscription in the near future, as well as, if any of you have a course you would like to sell as opposed to share, there is this ability. Contact me at the forum after you are fully activated.


UPDATE: The Holidays are upon us, and this means our free mailing list CMA Giveaway Booster Parties will begin again. These will now be hosted from the forums, and if you would like to participate and donate a free gift to help boost your mailing lists, customers or clients, then please join the forums, as the giveaway submissions will originate there. Further info on these events will also be updated at the forums.