Apparently I’m A Trailblazer!


I just took a quiz (I NEVER do those quizzes) that caught my attention, and admittedly I was curious. Although I do not use Shopify, mostly because I’m not wealthy and I think they cost too much for what I would use them for, they do have a very informative blog that I subscribe to.

This morning I opened this quiz, asking What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

OK, I’ll bite, what am I lol.

The Trailblazer

Fork in the road? Forget about it, you’ll just make your own path. But we’re not worried about you, Trailblazer—you’ve come prepared for the unknown. Not one to avoid (calculated) risk, you’ll take chances to pursue your ideas and passions. Trailblazers like you make your own opportunities. Your gifts lie in carving out niches and finding creative solutions to problems. In this way, you’re setting yourself up for long term success. But while your heart and intuition may guide you, be sure to tap into your intellect for a dose of devil’s advocacy—the most thrilling ideas might not be the most lucrative.

Curious to see what it says about you, the test is below at the link!


Image by Nilesh Sharma from Pixabay