How To Make A Travel Journal


I ran across an article on making a Travel Notebook. I don’t have too much need for one at this point in my life, but I of course use journals and planners. However, I have always wished this was something I had done years ago when I was still traveling. I suppose it is never too late to add all those travel memories to a new book, but since this article intrigued me, mostly because it is so simple, I thought I would share it with you.

Mind you the article itself seems to be pushing Canon Cameras, ok, but it was still informative. Below is an excerpt from the post, just to give you an idea if it sounds interesting to you, except I have removed any affiliate links they had. You can find the full artice with those affi links, at the source link at the bottom.

Here is an excerpt

Whether you’ve taken a staycation, a weekend excursion or an exotic getaway, when you return home your pockets are usually overflowing with artifacts from your trip. Maybe you’ve saved napkins from a memorable cafĂ©, a subway map, or tickets from a Broadway play. Putting these meaningful scraps into a travel journal is a great way to preserve the memories from all of your sightseeing adventures.

With the help of your  Canon IVY and  PIXMA TS9521C; printers, making a travel scrapbook from scratch can be surprisingly simple and budget-friendly. Read on for our step-by-step guide.

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